Intellectual Property (IP)


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is the collective name for trademarks, copyright and designs, amongst other rights.

Protect Your IPR

You work hard to produce and build a respected brand or trademark. However well-known and established this becomes, if left unprotected, it is potentially under threat from other businesses or organisations. Likewise, your copyrights in software, media, 3D designs and artistic and literary works are of enormous value to your business.

I can advise you on how to protect your IPR, and all that it represents, against attack or infringement.

Infringement of IPR

If you are about to launch a product or service, it is vital to check that you are not infringing on the IP rights of other businesses regarding their brand or reputation. I can help you with this.

It is possible to be accused of infringement of IPR yourself. You might even receive a claim against you. If this occurs, it is highly recommended that you take expert legal advice.

As a commercial solicitor, I have built up extensive expertise in all areas of Intellectual Property and specialise in advising on:

In addition, I can advise on private prosecutions regarding theft (piracy) of your Intellectual Property. An owner of IPR can prosecute in the criminal courts. This may be advisable in certain situations. For example, if piracy has occurred (counterfeit copies of film, music, artwork etc.) or if there is counterfeiting of creative products.