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Time to prepare for a rapidly changing future.

Why Protect Your Brand as a Trademark?

Trademark Protection in a Global Economy
There is no doubt that Brexit and ensuing trade deals will affect trademarks. The current business environment is exciting, but also constantly changing and uncertain. It is more important than ever to protect your brand name.

English as a Global Business Language
Britain’s businesses are now in direct competition with those from other English-speaking nations. The most obvious are USA, Australia, Canada and our former colonial connections. However, English is spoken in 110 countries, more than any other language. This makes all countries, including China and India, potential competition; it also increases the possibility of trademark infringement.

Trademarks as a Business Asset
Your trademark is an asset of your business. When a business is sold, its trademark (as with other Intellectual Property) will form part of the goodwill component of its total value. You must register and protect your trademark before you can sell your business effectively; a buyer will expect you to have done so.

On-Line Brand Recognition Requirements
Counterfeiting of goods is a global issue. Amazon, along with similar online sales platforms, is checking brands - worldwide. Increasingly, the global marketplace requires evidence that you own your brand; online sellers do this by confirming that they have an official registration for that market.

Process of Trademark Registration

Mike Northern Legal is experienced in every step of trademark registration, allowing you to be assured that everything is in place.

Step one: register your trademark in the UK. If you are certain you do not need global registration, this may be sufficient.

Step two: extend registration of your trademark to important and relevant international trading countries.

Be aware: a trademark is registered for one category of goods and services only. Mike can advise you on whether registration in additional business sectors is expedient.

Trademarks as a Business Asset

  • Register for a single country, if that is all that is required.
  • Register for the EU, which automatically includes all 28 member countries.
  • In Europe, and many other countries, the Madrid protocol may be used. This is a centralised system administered by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
  • For other countries, it may be necessary to use an agent. Mike Northern Legal is linked with specialist agents for this purpose.

Domain Name Disputes

Disputes about domain name ownership are a growing issue. This is understandable, since its domain name is potentially your business’s most valuable asset. Further, Cybersquatters may steal your IP by registering your brand as a domain, which they could then seek to sell on fraudulently.

A domain, along with the brand, is how a business is recognised today; it allows it to conduct business effectively. However, if not protected, renewed and monitored, the rights to a domain name can be lost.

In the event of a dispute, the solutions are straightforward: to either use the domain provider’s dispute resolution service, or to take legal action. With relevant, professional experience in this difficult area, Mike can advise on the best course of action.

Why Choose Mike Northern Legal?

Put bluntly, Mike Northern’s experience and attention to detail ensures relevance, accuracy and speed.

Mike has worked extensively with the IPO (UK Intellectual Property Office), and also in the EU and USA as well as with WIPO. He has saved businesses time, as well as helped ensure their hard-earned trademark is protected from infringement.

"I avoid pitfall for my clients. I carry out the correct searches to check viability of the brand, and sift through to identify potential conflicts. For example, the name you are using could be already registered... making you the infringer." - Mike Northern

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